...juicy THICK distorted guitars ...thumping PUMPING instrumental rocktronica ...definitely NOT MUZAK for TV and film action scenes and trailers... music OF COURSE for car chase scenes of all speeds but slow.


Rise of the Assassin
Killer hybrid orchestral trailer music.

Guitarific orchestral trailer music.

Voices of Revenge
Paranoid hybrid orchestral trailer music.

Cloak and Dagger
Sneaky spy hybrid orchestral trailer music.

Big ol' nasty riffage sprinkled with synth.

Hammer Down
Pedal to the metal baby.

Club Crash
Chemical Brothers inspired electronica tune.

Shake It Up
Rocker remix with techno loops and lotsa distortion.

Shake It Down
Downtempo remix with hip hop loops and of course, lotsa distortion.

Frazzle Dazzle
Big heavy jangly riff with a touch of secret agent.

Don't Start
Robotic synths and distortion

Marching Orders
Hut, Two, Three, Four, get yerself run over by this 4X4

Fast tempo redline rocker with synth bass.

The Crunch
Crunchy Gibson guitars that hit like a Mac truck.

Low Slung
Thick guitars ready to lock and load.

Sick Sick Sick
Raw rock for a long open stretch of road.

The Paranormal Chronicles
Iron Man meets Mulder.

Lost With You
Piston pumping power pop punk.

Urban Rail
OK, a little slow, but a waaaay cool subway ride.





Discovery Channel Jump City: Seattle
History Channel Investigation Discovery
Lifeguard! Weather Channel



Music on is free for independent filmmakers and film students for their non-profit films, videos, and shorts. Commercial use is of course encouraged too. Contact me for full-length tracks.

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